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From the press / Basından

from the press / basından

10 key findings about the religious lives of U.S. teens and their parents

Parents have a lot of influence over their teenagers – including when it comes to religion. But while teens in the United States take after their parents religiously in many ways, they stand out in some others, according to a new Pew Research Center report.

7 Values to Teach Your Child By Age 10

There are certain values we’d love for our kids to have. But how do we go about teaching them? Experts offer ways to instill important values as they grow.

Zoom school’s mental health toll on kids

Patricia Perez, PhD, has a front-row view of how the shift from in-person school to distance learning is affecting many youth, and she sees a disturbing trend: Many children are struggling and parents are unsure how to help. 

Neoliberalism is dying – now we must replace it

From taming Big Tech to competing with China, Western governments are abandoning free-market policies. But what does a post-neoliberal future look like?

Why Turkey's currency crash does not worry Erdogan

Turkey’s national currency has plummeted 45% against the dollar this year and yet President Recep Tayyip Erdogan doesn’t seem all that bothered.

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